Elegant Cathedral Wedding Veils

Published: 16th September 2009
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When shopping for a wedding veil, your options are nearly limitless. Many bridal shops have dozens of options reflecting different styles and tastes. The cathedral wedding veil is one style that you can choose if you are looking for an elegant, traditional style. Cathedral wedding veils are not for every bride, but they could be perfect for your wedding.

What is a Cathedral Wedding Veil?

Cathedral wedding veils are very long and they stay in your hair like a traditional veil, but they extend to the floor like a train behind you. With most cathedral wedding veils, the cloth that covers over your face as you walk down the aisle is shorter. This helps prevent tripping while the veil is in front of you. The length of this cover depends on the make of the veil you purchase. Like other styles, you can also purchase single-layer cathedral wedding veils if you do not want the part that can cover your face.

There are also styles of veils similar, yet slightly different, from the cathedral veil. One popular option is the chapel wedding veil. This style is very long, like with a cathedral wedding veil, but it reaches just two to three inches past your train, instead of the much longer cathedral wedding veil, which usually extends 10+ inches beyond your actual dress. There are also floor-length dresses, which are meant to skim the floor rather than pool on the floor.

Does a Cathedral Veil need to be altered?

Although some brides can wear the veils as-is, many find that they need the veil altered to match their height. Shorter brides may have too much pooling with a long cathedral veil, while very tall brides may have to custom-order an extra long cathedral wedding veil to get the dramatic look they want. If you decide to go with a cathedral veil, order it as quickly as possible and take it with you when you try on your dress to order alterations. Remember, the length you need depends on the shoes you are planning on wearing. Bring your wedding day shoes (or similar shoes) with you when you go for your alterations and fitting. Many tailors include altering the veil free of charge or give you a deal on the pricing.

What Dress Looks Best with a Cathedral Veil?

There are no rules about what kind of dress you have to wear with a cathedral veil! Even if your dress is tea length, you could choose a cathedral-style wedding veil for a dramatic look. However, in most cases, the cathedral veil looks best with a very formal and traditional wedding. This means they look best with formal and traditional gowns. Most of the time, cathedral wedding veils look best with long, cathedral dresses. Do not be afraid to ask your salesperson for veils to try on while you are shopping for a wedding gown. This can ensure that the cathedral style looks great with the dress you choose since the veil is part of your overall look.

What is the Difference between Cathedral Wedding Veils?

Not every cathedral style wedding veil is made the same. Veils can vary in a number of ways, so make sure you look at all of the styles before ordering the first cathedral wedding veil you see. The length should be long no matter which type of cathedral veil you order. This is mainly because the variations change the top of the veil, where it attaches to your head. Do you want a veil with a hidden clip or bobby pin that sticks into an updo? Are you more interested in a veil that becomes a part of your hairstyle, with a fancy tiara or headband? The color of the veil also matters. White is the traditional color, but there are off-white and colored options as well with some veils. You can also look for a cathedral wedding veil with detailing, such as lace, beadwork, or rhinestones, and make sure you get the fullness that you want. Some veils are simple, without much material, while other veils bunch to create a fuller effect. Shop around because not every cathedral veil is the same.

Cathedral wedding veils are available in just about every price range. This elegant style works well for brides who want a traditional look to their wedding, but if you choose a cathedral style, you might also want a shorter veil that you can wear at your wedding reception. At least try on the cathedral veils your wedding retailer has available. You might be surprised at just how elegant you look. It is also important to try on your wedding veil while dress shopping because this can help you achieve the look you want.

Jennifer Bailey is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, usually focusing on a specific aspect of a wedding such as wedding veils.

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